About This Course

You've mastered the 4 primary ingredients (hops, water, malt, and yeast) and now you're ready to apply new flavors to your brew! In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Add watermelon to an award-winning wheat base beer
  • Choose the right yeast strain
  • Measure your gravity and compensate for added sugars
  • Filter your water for the best possible results
  • Apply a Hop Randall to your brew flow to get that extra hop punch

And more!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    About the Course

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    • About Paul

    • Forming Your Recipe

  • 02

    Brewing Water

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    • Selecting a Water Filter

    • Brewing Water

    • Using Your Water Filter as a Hop Randall

  • 03

    Measuring Your Gravity

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    • Target Gravity

    • Watermelon Wheat Beer Recipe

  • 04

    Adding the Watermelon

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    • Preparing Your Watermelon

    • Adding the Watermelon to Your Carboy

    • How Much Watermelon

  • 05

    Choosing Your Yeast Strain

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    • Choosing Your Yeast Strain Video

  • 06

    Transferring Your Wort

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    • Transfer to the Secondary

    • Finishing the Transfer

    • Dialing in your Recipe

  • 07

    Wrapping Up

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    • Wrapping Up

    • The Video Production

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