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This course includes 54+ minutes of video

Cold IPA is here to stay. With its bright, lean, and bitter profile, the style continues to appeal to those who seek a counterpoint to softer hazy IPAs. From the start, the brewer who came up with the style while brewmaster at Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon—Kevin Davey, now co-owner of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—has been vocal about what the style should and should not be.

In this 54-minute video course, Davey lays out everything you need to know to brew a great example of this “Wester than West Coast” style, including: 

  • cold IPA explained, and why it is closer to malt liquor than IPL or brut IPA
  • embracing American two-row malt
  • choosing and working with adjuncts
  • cereal mashing on infusion systems
  • hop character and selecting your varieties
  • locking in bitterness with early hop additions
  • dry hopping “warm” for better aroma
  • fermenting warm with lager yeast
  • yeast choice and hop creep
  • repitching yeast from a lager brew
  • crashing and fining for brilliant clarity

And more.


“I loved California West Coast IPA when I first started in the industry,” Davey says. “And so I’m like, ‘What if we just take that further? Let’s make it even clearer. Let’s make it even less caramel-y. Let’s make it even drier.’ That’s why—on the can—we say it’s ‘wester than West Coast,’ because we’re taking all the things that are already West Coast and we’re just pushing them a little bit further.”

Kevin Davey

Co-owner and brewmaster, Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer

Course Curriculum

  • 02

    What is Cold IPA?

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  • 03

    Brewing Your Best Cold IPA

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    • Embracing American Two-Row

    • Considerations with Adjuncts

    • Brewing with Rice, Corn, and Syrups

    • Hopping for Cold IPA

    • Hop Creep

    • Fermentation and Cold Conditioning

    • Make Your Cold IPA Stand Out

  • 04

    Conclusion, Further Reading & Listening, and Recipes

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    • Final Thoughts

    • Podcast Episode 334: Hot Takes on Cold IPA with Firestone Walker, Hop Butcher, and Heater Allen

    • More Perspectives: Homebrewing Cold IPA

    • Recipe: Wayfinder Original Cold IPA, Illustrated

    • Recipe: Wayfinder Relapse IPA

    • Recipe: 21st Amendment Woolen Socks Cold IPA

    • Recipe: Green Cheek It Just Works

    • Recipe: Firestone Walker Another Life Cold IPA

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