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This course includes 49+ minutes of video

In this 49-minute video course, head brewer Jonathan Moxey digs into the recipe choices and technical aspects of brewing great session-strength beers, including: 

  • The key elements of session beer
  • Building grists for beers of high drinkability
  • Selecting hops and keeping bitterness in balance
  • Choosing yeasts as part of the whole
  • Water adjustments
  • Careful spicing and adjuncts
  • The ideas and process behind Passing Clouds witbier

And much more.


Rockwell Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, has a penchant for mid-strength beers of great character, such as its best-selling Passing Clouds witbier, its GABF-medal-winning Stand By pilsner, and its foeder-aged lagers.

Jonathan Moxey

Head Brewer, Rockwell Beer

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • About Rockwell Beer Co.

    • About This Course: Brewing Session Beers with Rockwell Beer Co.

    • Brewing Session Beer: A Primer

  • 02

    The Building Blocks of Session Beers

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    • Building a Malt Foundation

    • Session Stouts: Big Flavor in Small Packages

    • Balancing Hops

    • Make Your Best Session IPA

    • Yeast Selection

    • Water Chemistry for Session-Strength Beers

    • Selecting Spices + Adjuncts

    • Think Small: Ideas for Brewing Session Beers

  • 03

    Brewing Session Beers

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    • Brewing Passing Clouds Wit

    • Recipe: Rockwell Passing Clouds Witbier

    • Brewing Dark Session Beers

    • Recipe: Josh Weikert's Little Raspy Session Stout

    • Recipe: Paul Zocco's Sessionable Saison

  • 04

    Thank You

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    • Wrap Up

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