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With Jonathan Reeves at the helm of its brewing program, Port City Brewing in Alexandria, Virginia, established a record as one of the most consistent winners at the Great American Beer Festival, earning 12 medals over an eight-year span, plus Small Brewing Company of the Year in 2015, besides various international honors.

In this 52-minute video course, available to All Access subscribers, Reeves shares his top-to-bottom approach to ensuring technical excellence, from his overarching philosophy down to Port City’s data- and details-oriented methods. Among the topics that Reeves covers:

  • The importance of quality ingredients and equipment
  • Learning from the brewers who came before us
  • Establishing bulletproof SOPs and brewery protocols
  • Identifying data points for measuring and fine-tuning
  • Monitoring dissolved oxygen throughout the process
  • Airtight beer transfer and packaging
  • Keeping a beer library to monitor freshness and stability

And more, from Kunze to Frederick the Mouse.


Reeves—brewmaster at Port City in Alexandria, Virginia—has always liked beer. His dad would drink one or two a night, sometimes giving his boy a sip or two. One of his earliest memories is swiping a paper cup full of Bud from a keg at a picnic when he was about six years old. “But it wasn’t until I tried Guinness that I really was like, ‘Wow, you know, this is how beer can be completely different.’ I started drinking when I was 18 because I’m old. And my mother got me a case of Guinness for my 18th birthday. It just was my original connection.”

Jonathan Reeves


Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Intro: Establishing Processes for Quality

    • Port City: A Record of Success

    • The Punk Rock Roots of Port City Porter

  • 02

    From Love to Data Points: A Top-to-Bottom Approach to Quality

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    • The Love of Brewing: Motivation for Quality

    • Pro Perspective: Quality—The Indefinable X-Factor

    • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Great Ingredients, Equipment & Received Wisdom

    • Bulletproof: Establishing SOPs & Protocols for Success

    • What is Dissolved Oxygen?

    • Tips on Avoiding Oxidation

    • Airtight: Transfer, Packaging & Keeping a Beer Library

    • Brewing for Gold

    • Dialing in a Recipe

    • How To Build A Basic Quality Program for Your Brewery

  • 03

    Thank You

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    • Forever: Evolving Flavor & Continued Innovation

    • Recipe: Port City Porter

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