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Kyles discusses the considerations in selecting your grain bill, hops, yeast, bacteria, fermentation duration and temperature, adjuncting, and a lot more.

Great American Beer Festival gold-medal winning brewer Kyle Carbaugh walks you through everything you need to know to brew great mixed culture brett beers. In this course, Kyle covers:

  • Grain bill considerations
    • Usage of dextrin and complex carbohydrate malts/grain (unmalted wheat)
    • Sourcing local malts/grains
  • Hop selection and considerations
    • Aged hops vs non-aged hops
    • High alpha vs low alpha hops
  • Yeast & bacteria selection, timing of additions
  • Sensory impact of brett varieties (lambicus vs. brux vs. claussenii)
  • Brewing concerns
    • Boil length
    • Aeration vs non aeration
    • Mash schedule (single infusion vs. step vs. turbid)
  • Fermentation & aging
    • Sequencing bacteria and yeast
    • Stainless vs. oak vs. stainless/oak
      • Oak formats: standard barrel vs. foeder vs. puncheons
      • Barrel & spirit character contribution
      • Homebrew scale- oak cubes/staves/spirals, plastic and glass carboys, etc
      • Barrel pre-treatment
    • Temperature control
  • Dry hopping, fruit & spice additions
    • Rates and precision (pounds per bbl vs. ounces per gallon vs. grams per mL)
    • Sourcing local whole fruits vs. industrial purees
    • Re-fermentation time and techniques
  • Sampling
    • Sampling intervals and record keeping
    • Disturbing the pellicle
    • How to sample
  • Packaging and bottle conditioning
    • Force carbonation vs bottle condition
    • Priming considerations
    • Re-yeasting vs. not re-yeasting and conditioning yeast selection
    • Giving bottles time to properly condition in bottle, laying bottles down

Course curriculum

  • 02

    Recipe Development

    Show Content
    • Recipe Development for Brett Beer

    • The Rare Barrel Red Ale Recipe

  • 03

    Brewing + Fermenting

    Show Content
    • Mixed Culture Brew Day

    • Keeping It Clean

    • Fermenting Your Mixed Culture Beer

    • Your Souring Workhorses

    • Types of Brettanomyces

    • Brettanomyces Pitch Rates

    • Temperature Control For Your Fermentation

    • Quick Souring

  • 04

    Adjuncting + Packaging

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    • Adjuncting & Hopping Your Sour Beer

    • Packaging & Conditioning Your Sour Beer

    • Sampling Your Beer

    • What Is a Pellicle?

  • 05

    Thank You

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    • Conclusion

    • Thank You

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