About This Course

In this video course, you'll learn:

  • What differentiates cask beer
  • Pragmatic approaches to brewing and serving
  • How to design cask ale recipes
  • How to package and carbonate your cask beer
  • Cellaring and storing needs
  • How to build a beer engine at home
  • How to serve your cask beer
  • And much more!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    About the Instructor and the Course

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  • 02

    What Is Cask Ale?

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    • Historical Perspective on Cask Ale

    • Cask Ale Today

  • 03

    Recipe Design Considerations

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    • Designing Cask Ale Recipes

  • 04

    What the Brew Day Looks Like

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    • What Changes in the Brew Day?

    • Brewing a Session Beer

  • 05

    Packaging and Carbonating your Cask Ale

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    • Natural Carbonation Is the Focus

    • The Secrets of British Cask Conditioning: At the Brewery

    • Natural Flavor One Pint at a Time

  • 06

    Helping the Yeast Settle

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    • The Purpose of a Stillage

    • The Secrets of British Cask Conditioning: At the Pub

  • 07

    Traditional and Contemporary Set Ups

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    • Anatomy of a Pin (and a Modified Corny Keg)

    • Shives, Keytones, Stiles, and Taps

  • 08

    How the Beer Engine Came About

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    • The Beer Engine

    • DIY: Beer Engine

  • 09

    Replicating Historic Gravity-Poured Beers

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    • Where Does Nitrogen Come In?

    • An Inert Pusher Gas

  • 10

    Contemporary Service

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    • Serving from a Corny Keg with a Beer Engine

  • 11

    Traditional Service

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    • Serving from a Gravity-Fed Pin

    • Dispensing Cask Ale

  • 12

    Further Reading

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    • Cask Ale Alternative: Flexible Cask Ale

    • Brewers’ Perspectives: Cask Ales

  • 13

    Cask Ale (and Lager) Possibilities for Cask Beer

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    • Make Your Best Northern English Brown Ale

    • Make Your Best Bitter

    • Make Your Best Kellerbier

  • 14

    Thank You

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    • Thank You

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