About This Course

This course contains more than 55 minutes of video.

This course is intended for operating or aspiring commercial breweries.

Avery Brewing (Boulder, Colorado) is known for its “extreme” barrel-aged beers, such as its 19 percent ABV 5 Monks “Quintuple,” so it’s no surprise that the man behind this madness, barrel-aging guru Andy Parker, has the knowledge to teach you how to:

  • Evaluate and treat new/used barrels
  • Reuse barrels
  • Select barrels
  • Rinse, prepare, and fill barrels
  • Select your bung
  • Deal with leaks
  • Determine aging times and conditions
  • Taste your barrels
  • Debarrel and blend
  • and much more!

About the Instructor

As “chief barrel herder” for Avery Brewing Co., Andy Parker oversees one of the more expansive barrel-aging programs of any brewery in the US, producing both clean and sour hits like the bourbon barrel-aged Uncle Jacob’s Stout as well as their new widely-distributed Raspberry Sour. Parker is well-known among professional brewers as a consummate brewer’s brewer, with a deep knowledge of mixed-culture fermentation and a finely honed palate. Despite his penchant for brewing 15%+ barrel-aged stouts, Parker consumes more pilsner than any other style of beer.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction

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    • Avery's Barrel Program

    • Course Introduction

  • 02

    Receiving Barrels

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    • Evaluating and Treating Barrels

    • Reusing Barrels

    • Receiving Barrels Wrap-Up

    • Fresh Is Best

  • 03

    Filling Barrels

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    • Rinsing, Preparing, and Filling Your Barrels

    • Selecting Your Bung

    • Dealing with Leaks

    • Aging In Barrels

    • Topping Off Barrels

    • Tasting Your Barrels

  • 04


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    • Debarreling

    • Example Setup

  • 05

    Barrel Aging Tips for Homebrewers

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    • Where to Get a Barrel

    • What’s Good for the Goose

    • Taste It, But Be Patient

    • Getting the Most Out of Fruit Additions

    • Preventing Infection

    • Blend It

  • 06

    Wrap Up

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    • Takeaways

    • Thank You

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