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Tyler Wert

“Great course. Inspiring and informative!”

“Great course. Inspiring and informative!”

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About This Course

This video course includes over 70 minutes of video and 4 brewing recipes!

In 2015, Emily and Evan Watson moved to a 25-acre farm in Poughkeepsie, NY. The location features an original 3-story 1830's barn which fully renovated houses their stainless steel 10BBL steam-fire brewhouse, local HV open oak fermenters, coolship, and a barrel aged sanctuary for wild, 100% NY ingredient farmhouse & sour beers tied directly to the farm & the Hudson Valley. In this video course, they will cover:

- How we got started
- Our brewing philosophy
- Sourcing ingredients
- Brewing procedures
- Cellaring our beer
- Cultivating our wild yeast
- Beekeeping
- Foraging on the farm

As they go through each step of farm brewing, they cover:
- How do they plant, treat, and harvest
- When do they add it to the brewing process and why
- Ways that someone could do something similar in more urban environments
- How do you tweak recipes to highlight the added ingredient

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction

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  • 02

    Brewing Techniques

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    • Bee Keeping

    • Using Local Ingredients

    • Brew Day

    • Dealing with Wild

    • Opening a Farm Brewery

    • BONUS! An Inside Look at Plan Bee Craft Malt

  • 03

    Beer Recipes

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    • Scratch Brewing's Dead Leaves and Carrots Beer Recipe

    • Fort George Spruce Budd Ale Recipe

    • Scratch Brewing’s Sun-Dried Cherry Tomato Dark Strong Recipe

  • 04

    Brewing Ingredients

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    • The Brewer’s Garden

    • The Brewers Garden - Selecting Flowers

    • Brew with the Seasons

  • 05

    Thank You

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    • Thank You

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