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This course includes 75+ minutes of video

In this video course, Engert demystifies the challenges of choosing which beers tend to work best with which dishes—and vice versa. He offers several rules of thumb to keep in mind before diving into specific flavor families of beer and which kinds of food tend to work best with those. Then, he walks us through several specific dishes to highlight beers that can elevate both—going for that food-and-drink gestalt that can make a meal greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether you work in hospitality—be it brewpub, taproom, or restaurant—or you simply want to raise your pairing game for more pleasure at the dinner table, this is a course you won’t want to miss. (Warning: It will make you hungry.)  


Greg Engert is beer director of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, with 20 bars and restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area and New York City. Among beer enthusiasts, he is best known as the force behind the famous ChurchKey beer bar, Bluejacket brewery, the Sovereign restaurant, and more.

Greg Engert

Beer Director, Neighborhood Restaurant Group

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Welcome!

    • Example Birch & Barley Dinner Menu, Including Pairing Flights

  • 02

    Fundamentals of Food & Beer Pairing

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    • The History, Diversity, & Utility of Food & Beer Pairing

    • Fundamental Approaches to Food & Beer Pairing

    • Pairing Aromatics & Beer Styles

  • 03

    Pairing Beer Flavors & Styles

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    • Example ChurchKey Draft List

    • Pairing Crisp Beers

    • Pairing Hop Beers

    • Pairing Malt Beers

    • Pairing Roasty Beers

    • Pairing Smoked Beers

    • Pairing Fruit & Spice Beers

    • Pairing Tart & Funky Beers

  • 04

    Pairing Examples

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    • Walking Through Some Specific Pairings at Rustico

  • 05

    Thank You

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    • Wrap Up

  • 06

    Appendix: Supplementary Materials

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    • More Perspectives: Contrasting vs. Complementing

    • More Perpectives: Jamie Bogner’s Tips on Pairing Beer & Cheese

    • More Perspectives: Jamie Bogner's Cheese & Beer Quick Pairing Chart

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