About This Course

If you’re tired of filling bottles and ready to learn everything you need to get started with kegging, you've come to the right place. From cleaning and sanitizing to pouring your first pint and everything in between, we have the information you need to keg your homebrew.

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Welcome!

    • Meet the instructor

    • Pros and cons of kegging

    • How is kegged beer different from bottled beer?

    • What you'll need

  • 02

    Keg Types & Anatomy

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    • How kegs work

    • Sankey (commercial) kegs

    • Cornelius (homebrew) kegs

    • Types of kegs used by homebrewers

    • Ball lock kegs

    • Pin lock kegs

    • Ball lock vs. pin lock

    • Keg anatomy

    • Keg O-rings

  • 03

    Sanitizing & Filling Your Kegs

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    • Intro

    • Cleaning and sanitizing

    • Cleaning & Sanitizing Video

    • Filling a keg

    • Filling a keg

  • 04

    Putting Gas In

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    • Pressurizing your kegs

    • The gas side of kegging

    • Carbonation levels

    • Applying the right pressure

    • Sealing and carbonating

  • 05

    Getting Beer Out

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    • Serving from your kegs

    • The liquid side of kegging

  • 06


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    • Thank You!

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