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Max Saballett

“Very informative detail and entertaining!”

“Very informative detail and entertaining!”

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About This Course

Brewing Tips for the Home or Commercial Brewer

In this course, Fonta Flora's Todd Boera will teach you several methods to help you brew your own spontaneous beers at the commercial and home scale. Topics for this course include:

  • Designing a recipe for spontaneous beers
  • Turbid mashing
  • Evaluating and selecting hops
  • Coolship techniques
  • Prospecting for local bugs
  • Fruit and adjuncts
  • When to blend
  • And much more

Course curriculum

  • 01

    About This Course

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  • 02

    Mash + Boil

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    • Turbid Mashing

    • Make Your Best Lambic-style Ale

    • Turbid Mashing

    • Performing a Turbid Mash

    • Mash Challenges

    • Tips for Easy Lautering

    • Hopping

    • Fonta Flora Brewery’s Appalachian Wild Ale Recipe

    • Basic Kriek Lambic Recipe

    • Make Your Best Lambic-Style Process

  • 03


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    • Coolship Introduction

    • Coolships at Home

    • Prospecting for Bugs

    • Coolships at Home: Equipment

    • Coolships at Home: Process

    • Coolships at Home: Other Considerations

    • Experience at Fonta Flora

  • 04

    Fermentation & Blending

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    • Fermentation

    • How 5 Belgian Brewers and Blenders Approach Fruit

    • When to Blend Your Beer

    • More Information

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