About This Course

If malt is the soul of beer, then hops are the spice! In this course you'll learn:

  • History of Hops
  • How to grow and harvest your own hops
  • Hopping techniques and the outcomes you can expect
  • How to pair hops to make your best brew
  • The chemical compounds that create the flavors that you love
  • How to test hops through teas, SMaSH beers
  • About some great recipes

And so much more!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    About the Course & Instructor

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    • About Josh

  • 02

    Hops Variety and Basic Biology

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    • History of Hops

    • The Ins and Outs of Alpha Acids

  • 03

    Experimental Hops

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    • Experimental Hops

    • Developing Experimental Hops

    • So Many New Hops

  • 04

    Farming Hops and Forms of Hops

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    • Farming Hops

    • 5 Forms of Hops

    • 7 Steps for Growing Your Own Hops

    • Harvesting Your Homegrown Hops

    • The Hunt for Wild Hops

  • 05

    The Business of Hops

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    • Where, How, and Evolution

    • Playing the Hops Market

  • 06

    Hops Varieties

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    • Varieties of Hops

    • Noble Hops Cheat Sheet

  • 07

    Hop Harvesting

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    • Adjusting Your Beer for Hops Harvest

  • 08


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    • Hop Addition Timing

    • Hops Oils 101

    • Thirteen Hops-Odor Compounds to Know

  • 09

    Mash, First Wort, and Whirlpool Hopping

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    • The Pros and Cons

    • How to First Wort Hop

    • Whirl pooling at Home

    • How to Make Your Own Hopback

  • 10

    How to Store Hops

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    • Storing Hops

  • 11

    Single Hop Beers

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    • Reasons for Making Single-Hop Beers

    • SMaSH Citra IPA Recipe

    • Use Hops Tea to Enhance Flavors in Your Beer

  • 12

    Pairing Hops

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    • Pairing Advice and What Works for You

    • The Relationship Between Yeast and Hops

    • Yeasts Impact on the New Age IPA

    • Unconventional Hops Combinations

    • Brewing a Balanced Beer

  • 13

    Bitterness Vs. Flavor

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    • How to Impart Bitterness in Beer Without Hops

    • Do IBUs Matter?

    • How to Impart Hop Flavor Without Bitterness

    • The 4 most Prominent Hops Compounds

    • The Hopping Schedule of a Low Bitterness IPA

  • 14

    Hops in Sour Beers

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    • Stale Hops for Sour Beers

  • 15

    Wrapping Up

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    • Embracing the Unknown

    • Conclusion

    • Thank You!

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