About This Course

This video course contains more than 70 minutes of video.

In this video course, Mike Karnowski takes you back into the 1700s to cover:

  • Malt, hops, yeast, and sugar selection for historical beers
  • Historical brewing in other parts of Europe
  • Making your own English invert syrups
  • Brewing techniques for historical beers
  • Stout vs. porter
  • Making your own historical brown malt
  • Brewing a 1750's era porter with diastatic brown malt
  • Packaging + serving english ales
  • and much more!

Course curriculum

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    Brewing Historical Beers

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    • Malts, Hops, Yeast, Sugar Selection for Historical Beers

    • Historical Brewing in Other Parts of Europe

    • English Invert Syrups

    • Brewing Techniques for Historical Beers

    • Parti-Gyle

    • No-Math Parti-Gyle Old Ale, IPA, and ESB Recipe

    • Stout vs Porter

    • Stout vs. Porter Deep Dive

    • Making Historical Brown Malt

    • Brewing a 1750s Era Porter with Diastatic Brown Malt

    • Packaging and Serving English Ales

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    Thank You

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