About This Course

The course includes 10 separate recipes for your next brew day!

Join John Coyle and Steve Ashton as they walks you through everything you need to know to design and brew great saisons. In this video course, they cover:

  • The history of saisons 
  • Characteristics that define the style 
  • The different types of saison 
  • Saison recipe development 
  • Brewing your saison at home 
  • Tips for fermenting your saison
  • Adding funk to your saison 
  • Farmhouse saison recipe + brewing tips 
  • Brett saison recipe + brewing tips 
  • Partial-mash saison recipe + brewing tips 
  • Bière de garde recipe + brewing tips 
  • Grisette recipe + brewing tips 
  • Imperial barrel-aged saison recipe + brewing tips

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction

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  • 02

    Brewing Technique

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    • Brewing Saisons Overview

    • Selecting Yeast

    • Hops Varieties in Saison

  • 03

    Beer Recipes

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    • Saison Recipes

    • Belgian Saison in the Style of Saison Dupont Recipe

    • Funkwerks Tropic King Recipe

    • Transient Artisan Ales Obelus: Galaxy Recipe

  • 04

    Thank You

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