About This Course

Learn how to convert your propane system or build an electric system from the ground up! In part 1 of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Plan for converting your system to electric
  • Determine power requirements
  • Establish safety protocols
  • Select a heating element
  • Mount a heating element to a kettle
  • Wire an element
  • Select and install your temperature probes
  • Select a brew stand

In the next episode, we'll cover the brewery control system, which will gather the data and fire heating elements, pumps, and valves.

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • About This Course

    • What is Electric Brewing and What Will I Learn?

    • Why Switch to Electric?

    • Meet the Instructor

  • 02

    The System Today

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    • Current Kettle Configuration

    • Brew Control System

  • 03

    Taking Steps from Gas to Electric

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    • Switching to Electric

    • Prepping for the Switch

    • The Brewery Control System

    • False Bottom for Electric Element

  • 04

    Electric Design Considerations

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    • Design Considerations Video

    • Powering Your System

  • 05

    How to Mount Electric Elements

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    • Selecting Your Element Video

    • Mounting Elements Video

  • 06

    How to Wire Your Element

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    • How to Wire Your Element Video

    • Element Assembly for Gang Box

    • Assembly Instructions for Gang Box

  • 07

    How to Mount Probes

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    • Mounting Temperature Probes Video

    • Assembling Your System

  • 08

    Picking Your Brew Stand

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    • Electric Stand Video

  • 09

    Wrapping Up

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    • What's Coming Next Video

    • Thank You!

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