About This Course

This is an advanced course that requires basic electrical tools & knowledge.

Learn how to convert your propane system or build an electric system from the ground up! In part 2 of this course, you will learn how to:

  • Implement and operate a brewery control system (BCS) | 220V panel
  • Use a PID in place of the BCS
  • Wire your electric panel box
  • Track electrical flow through your panel box (both 220V & 110V lines)
  • Wire LEDs and switches in your new panel
  • Integrate BCS with electric panel box
  • Brew with electric!

The other sections are styled to help you create beautiful, high-converting pages. If you already know exactly what you want, use this section to add text, images, video, audio, etc. and build something completely custom. This is your sandbox — create what you want!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    About This Course

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    • Welcome

    • What You'll Learn

  • 02

    Brains Behind the Operation

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    • The Brains

    • The BCS

    • Connecting the BCS to the Internet

    • System Design: Why Karl put the BCS in it's Own Box

  • 03

    The BCS Interface

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    • Web Interface

    • Screenshots of the BCS Interface

  • 04

    Using a PID Instead of BCS

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    • Using a PID

    • Choosing and Wiring a PID

  • 05

    Panels and Box Wiring

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    • Tools You Will Need

    • Box Wiring Overview

    • Heat Sink

    • Panel Lights

  • 06

    Other Panel Considerations

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    • Removable Panel Board for Box

  • 07

    Mounting to Panel Board

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    • Terminal Blocks & DIN Rail

  • 08

    Wiring the Panel

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    • How to Wire the Panel

    • High-Voltage Electric Flow

    • Low Voltage Electric Flow

  • 09

    LED Wiring

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    • Wiring Your LEDs

  • 10

    Panel Switches

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    • The Different Panel Switches

    • Final Electric Flow Overview

  • 11

    Mount Board

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    • How to Mount Your Panel Board

    • Wiring Power Plugs

    • Wiring the Board to the Box

    • It's Not Too Late

  • 12

    Brew Time

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    • Cross Your Fingers

    • Brew Time

  • 13

    Thank you

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    • Wrap Up

    • The Video Production

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