About this Course

This course includes more than 55 minutes of video.

Join 2nd Shift Brewing Founder Steve Crider to learn how to keep your brewery running smoothly! In this video course, Crider covers:

  • Fixing pumps, regulators, and valves
  • Equipment storage techniques
  • The tools you need to keep your brewery running
  • Saving some $$ and building your own tap handles
  • Safety tips
  • Keeping your brewery clean and infection free
  • And much more

This course includes the recipe for 2nd Shift's popular pilsner recipe, Technical Ecstasy.

Course curriculum

  • 02

    How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery

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    • Fixing Pumps

    • Finding the Right Pump for Homebrewing

    • Fixing CO2 Regulators

    • Fixing Solenoid Valves (Keg Washer, Automated Parts)

    • Tips on Homebrewing Safety

    • Fixing Up Old Wood for Barrel Aged Beers

  • 03

    Brewery Tools + Storage

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    • Proper Hose Storage + Cleaning

    • Basics: Cleaning vs. Sanitation vs. Sterlization

    • Tools You Need in the Brewery

    • Indispensable Tools for Home Draft Systems

    • Care and Feeding of Homebrew Kegs

    • Storing Gaskets, Clamps, and More

  • 04

    Making Your Own Tap Handles

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    • Building Your Own Tap Handles

    • More on DIY Tap Handles

    • Brew it Yourself? Build it Yourself!

  • 05


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    • Thank You

    • Recipe: 2nd Shift Technical Ecstasy

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