About this Course

This course includes more than 85 minutes of video.

Join Cory King for an in-depth look at designing + brewing some of the world's best stouts (Beer Barrel Time + Derivation). Throughout this course, Cory offers:

  • Practical considerations from recipe inception to the final blend
  • How to get the most out of every ingredient (including the barrel)
  • How the final blend comes together
  • And so much more!

This course includes the recipe from King's original homebrewed imperial stouts. He has tweaked it here and there over the years, but it is the foundation of his recipes and method for brewing big, heavy imperial stouts at Side Project.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Mastering Barrel-Aged Stouts with Side Project Brewing

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  • 02

    Barrel-Aged Stout Recipe Considerations

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    • Building Your Water Profile

    • Beersmith's Brad Smith on Water and Mash pH

    • John Palmer on Brewing Water

    • Recipe Formulation

    • Oats: Not Just for Breakfast and Horses

    • Beersmith's Brad Smith on Hitting High Mash Gravities

  • 03

    Barrel-Aged Stout Brew Day + Process

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    • Brewing Process Considerations

    • Neil Fisher of Weldwerks on Brewing High-Gravity Stout for Barrel-Aging

  • 04

    Barrel-Aged Stout Fermentation + Barrel Aging

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    • Fermenting Your Stout

    • Troubleshooting High-Gravity Beers

    • Stan Hieronymus with Tips from High-Gravity Brewers

    • Barrel Aging Process + Selection

    • Neil Fisher of Weldwerks on Barrel-Aging for Homebrewers

    • Prepping Used Barrels for Aging Beer

  • 05

    Barrel-Aged Stout Adjuncts

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    • What Is an Adjunct?

    • Selecting + Working with Adjuncts

    • Neil Fisher of Weldwerks on Homebrewing an Adjunct Stout

  • 06

    Wrap Up + Thank You

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    • Recipe: Cory King's Big Imperial Stout

    • Thank you

Cory King, Brewer / Owner, Side Project Brewing

Your Instructor

Over the past six years, Cory King’s Side Project Brewing has gone from labor of love to the #1 rated brewery in the world on the social beer-sharing app Untappd.

Cory King

Brewer / Owner, Side Project Brewing

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