About This Course

This video course includes more than 60 minutes of video.

In this video course, Resident Culture Cofounder Christopher Tropeano covers everything you need to know to make great kettle sours at home or in your brewery.

The course also includes 4 recipes you can brew at home and contributions from other professional brewers and writers.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Successful Kettle Souring with Resident Culture Brewing

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    • About Resident Culture Brewing Co.

    • Recipe Development Considerations

    • Become a Kettle Sour Expert

    • The Keys to Getting Great Results with Kettle Sours

  • 02

    Souring Methods

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    • Souring Methods Overview

    • Hops Impact on Souring

    • Equipment Considerations

    • Brewers’ Perspectives: More than One Way to Sour a Beer

    • Lactobacillus, according to the Oxford Companion to Beer

    • The Sour Beer Spectrum

  • 03

    Brew Day Process

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    • Brewing Process Overview

    • Kettle Souring Times

    • Boiling Sour Wort

    • Sour Mash Secrets

    • Getting Technical: What Is pH? And Why Does It Matter?

  • 04

    Fermenting, Adjuncting, and Packaging Quick Sours

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    • Fermenting Sour Wort

    • Adjuncting Your Sour Base

  • 05

    Recipes and Thanks

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    • Recipe: Sixth Street Sour

    • Recipe: Scared Sour Berliner Weisse

    • Recipe: Koriander und Salz, Gotterhalt’s Gose

    • Recipe: Tart of Lightness

    • Thanks for Taking this Course!

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