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This course includes 35+ minutes of video

In this video course, Main & Mill's Denny Foster and Brandon Bischoff explain and demonstrate—using their homebrew-scale pilot kit—their method for parti-gyle brewing. This traditional technique allows you to get two or three different beers out of the same big malt bill. Among other topics, they discuss: 

  • The basics of parti-gyle brewing
  • Practical parti-gyling on a homebrew-scale system
  • Developing recipes for parti-gyle runnings
  • Resources for calculating water adjustments
  • Planning and checking for gravities on separate runnings
  • Avoiding astringency in second runnings
  • Planning for a parti-gyle brew day

The course also includes parti-gale recipes and live demonstration of how they use Beersmith and Bru'n water to dial in recipes.


Main & Mill Brewing Company in Festus, Missouri, has earned attention from enthusiasts for their big, rich, full-bodied stouts, such as their Barrel-Aged Imperial Breakfast Stout. Less well known is that they often brew lighter beers for their own pub, based on second runnings from those same huge grists.

Denny Foster and Brandon Bischoff

Founder and Head Brewer, Main & Mill Brewing

Course curriculum

  • 01


    Show Content
    • About Main & Mill

    • About This Course: Parti-Gyle Brewing

    • Parti-Gyle, According to the Oxford Companion to Beer

  • 02

    Building Recipes

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    • Overview

    • Hops & Grain Selection

    • Yeast Selection

    • First Runnings: Brewing a High-Gravity, All-Grain Beer

    • Parti-Gyle Splits Chart

    • Recipe: Pilsner/IPA Parti-Gyle with Main & Mill

  • 03

    Parti-Gyle Brew Day

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    • Mashing In

    • Brew System + Tools

    • Wort Runoff

    • Finishing 2 Beers

    • Practical Parti-Gyle Brewing, with Fuller's Brewery in London

    • Recipe: No-Math Parti-Gyle Old Ale, IPA, and ESB

  • 04

    Thank You

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    • Bonus Recipe: Main & Mill Morning Session Stout

    • Wrap Up

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