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This course includes 68+ minutes of video

The Black Is Beautiful initiative has made a difference. In 2020, more than 1,200 breweries in all 50 states and 22 countries participated in the open-source collaboration to raise funds and awareness for diversity and racial justice—a cooperative effort without any known precedent. However, even before that project took on a life of its own, Weathered Souls cofounder and head brewer Baskerville already had a strong reputation among fellow brewers and Texas drinkers for his characterful imperial stouts and other beers. 

In this 68-minute video course—which we at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® have made freely available to all—Baskerville breaks down his approach to brewing Black Is Beautiful and other imperial stouts, including: 

  • Designing imperial stouts with balance in mind
  • Constructing a grain bill for complexity and body
  • Tips on mashing in, lautering, and sparging heavy stout mashes
  • Kettle caramelization, long boils, and hop additions
  • Managing high-gravity fermentations with oxygen, yeast, and nutrients
  • Choosing your flavor adjuncts, and how and when to add them
  • Barrel-aging imperial stouts

And much more, including recipes from Baskerville himself.


At Weathered Souls Brewing, Marcus Baskerville is on a mission to earn San Antonio beer a national reputation—and to help change the industry’s relationship with Black brewers and drinkers.

Marcus Baskerville

Cofounder/Head Brewer, Weathered Souls

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Welcome!

    • Breakout Brewer: Weathered Souls

  • 02

    Brewing Black is Beautiful (and Other Imperial Stouts)

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    • Finding Balance in Stout Recipe Development

    • Constructing the Malt Bill + Mashing In

    • Learning Lab: The Heart of Darkness—Exploring Dark Malts

    • Sparging & a Long Boil

    • Getting Deeper with Malt: Kettle Caramelization

    • Hopping Your Stout

    • Building Stouts with Balance in Mind

    • More Perspectives: Bulk Up! Brad Clark of Private Press on Building Stouts with Bigger Body

  • 03

    Fermentation + Making it Your Own

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    • Fermenting Your Stout

    • Over the Top: Managing Fermentation in High-Gravity Beers

    • Carbonation & Adjuncts

    • Neil Fisher of WeldWerks on Brewing with Sugary Adjuncts

    • Barrel-Aging

    • Barrel Aging for Homebrewers

    • Troubleshooting Imperial Stouts and Other High-Gravity Beers

  • 04

    Last Words & Thanks

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    • Homebrewer at Heart: About Weathered Souls and the Black Is Beautiful Initiative

    • Wrap Up

  • 05

    Appendix: Supplementary Materials

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    • Recipe: Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout (Original Version)

    • Recipe: Marcus Baskerville’s Homebrewed Imperial Stout

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