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Wade Pelly

“Engaging, well presented. Nice to see the new 'ground' covered”

“Engaging, well presented. Nice to see the new 'ground' covered”

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About This Course

This course includes more than 55 minutes of video.

Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, is a confidently different sort of brewery, specializing in beers with a wide range of herbs, spices, and other adjuncts, often used in place of hops. Stuart Keating, cofounder and head brewer, shares what he's learned from years of experience in getting evocative (often beery) flavors out of a variety of unusual (often un-beery) ingredients. 

In this video course, Keating shares his expertise and a raft of useful tips for using a variety of adjuncts and flavorings—many quite obscure. Among the topics covered: 

  • Adding tree branches or other ingredients to the mash water
  • Mash additions, such as salt, beets, or mahlab
  • Spices, chiles, extracts, and other boil additions, and when to add them
  • Testing ingredients at home using simple syrups
  • More details on special ingredients such as chicory, lavender, pecans, Thai basil, and yarrow

And much more, including two recipes. 

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About Stuart Keating

Stuart Keating opened Earthbound Beer in 2014 to have fun and make beer. The brewery expanded recently to a 150 year old brewery building that they rehabbed by hand (including excavating lagering cellars) to have more fun and make more beer.

Stuart Keating

Cofounder and head brewer of Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • About Earthbound Beer

    • About This Course

  • 02

    Unique Water Additions

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    • Mash Water Additions (Trees, Leaves, and More)

    • Special Ingredient: Spruce Tips

    • Fort George Spruce Budd Ale Recipe

  • 03

    Unique Mash Additions

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    • Mash Additions (Salt, Beets, and More)

    • Brewing with Salt, According to Fal Allen

    • Special Ingredient: Mahlab, with Stuart Keating of Earthbound

  • 04

    Unique Boil Additions

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    • Developing Recipes with Late Boil Additions

    • Brewing with Tea, with Edmund’s Oast Brewing

    • Spices, According to the Oxford Companion to Beer

    • Spices and Their Uses in Beer (Chart from the Oxford Companion)

    • Gruit, According to the Oxford Companion to Beer

    • Water, Yeast, Malt, and Hot: Chile Beer 101

  • 05

    Working with Unique Ingredients

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    • Herbs, According to the Oxford Companion to Beer

    • Testing at Home with Simple Syrups

    • Brewing with Chicory, Pecans, Lavender

    • The Brewer's Garden: Flower Power

    • Brewing with Thai Basil

    • The Brewer’s Garden: 10 Herbs to Grow for Beer

    • Brewing with a Ginger and Yarrow

    • Special Ingredient: Ginger, with Rare Barrel

  • 06

    Thank You

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    • Recipe: Earthbound Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde

    • Recipe: Earthbound Cozy Cowboy

    • Wrap Up

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