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This course includes 50+ minutes of video

In this 50-minute video course, cofounders and master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink focus especially on their approach to traditional lager brewing, from their inspirations and recipe design to careful fermentation and an intentional approach to packaging and service. Along the way, they share details on their approach to decoction mashing, using the coolship for all their beers, yeast-pitching temperatures, open fermentation, lagering times, packaging, service, the importance of foam, and much more.


Dovetail, founded in 2016, specializes in two things: lager and spontaneous fermentation. The lagers are traditional, heavily influenced by the rustic beers of Upper Franconia, the region around Bamberg, Germany. Dovetail’s stable includes their Helles, their kellerbier-esque Lager, their Vienna, and their Rauchbier. All of those get a traditional decoction mash, all of those pass through the coolship, and all of those go to open fermentors for primary before several weeks of lagering.

Hagen Dost & Bill Wesselink

Co-owners and master brewers, Dovetail Brewery

Course Curriculum

  • 01


    Show Content
    • Welcome, and About Dovetail

    • Our Breakout Brewer Profile on Dovetail

  • 02

    Materials + Technique

    Show Content
    • Water + Mashing

    • Why Decoction Matters

    • Raw Materials

    • Traditional Hefeweizen: Worth the Trouble?

    • Processes and Techniques:

    • Gearing Up to Brew Lager

  • 03

    Fermentation + Lagering

    Show Content
    • Crashing, Fermentation, and Maturations

    • Get Sideways: Lager Brewers Turn to Horizontal Tanks

    • Temperature Control Tips for Lagering at Home

    • Packaging + Serving

  • 04

    Conclusion, Recipes & Further Reading/Listening

    Show Content
    • Final Thoughts

    • Recipe: Dovetail Helles

    • Recipe: Dovetail Czech Dark Lager

    • Bonus Reading: When Brewers "Know a Guy," Kriek Can Happen (2018)

    • Coolships & Decoctions: Exploring Franconia, the Most Brewery-Rich Region in the World

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