About This Course

This course will take you from recipe development to serving your lager with practical brewing tips throughout.

In this video course Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter, which includes more than 45 minutes of applicable knowledge, you'll learn:

  • How to design a great lager recipe
  • Mashing your lager (from single infusion to decoction)
  • The importance of knocking out
  • Managing lager fermentation
  • The lagering process
  • Krausening
  • How to pour your pils

Bierstadt is a brewery that is producing only to-style lagers, each poured to order and served in a specifically branded glass. Or, rather, it sounds like a dream many brewers would like to embrace, but a dream that soon gets dashed by outside forces. For Carter and Eye, the brewmasters, their vision has long been clear and was never open to compromise. And while some of their other brewing colleagues might have plans for multi-state dominance, they know how much they want to make and where they want it to go.

They did about 1,200 barrels to close out 2017. They did it on their existing system, a 30-barrel all-copper brewhouse built in 1932 and transported to the Rocky Mountains from a German brewery near Nuremburg, and tanks that can get up to about 2,000 barrels and maybe one day 5,000, but it’s “too early to look at that goal,” according to Carter.

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Hello from Bierstadt Lagerhaus

  • 02

    Lager Recipe Design

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    • Overview

  • 03

    Mashing Lagers

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    • Overview

  • 04

    knocking Out & Fermentation

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    • Overview

  • 05

    The Lagering Process

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    • Overview

  • 06


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    • Overview

  • 07

    Lager Clarity

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    • Overview

  • 08

    Dispensing Beer

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    • Overview

  • 09

    Make Your Best Lagers

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    • Make Your Best Standard American Lager

    • Make Your Best Vienna Lager

    • Make Your Best Mexican Lager

    • Make Your Best Pre-Prohibition Lager

    • Make Your Best International Dark Lager

    • Make Your Best India Pale Lager

    • Make Your Best Traditional Bock

  • 10

    Recipes to Get You Started

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    • Breakside Liquid Sunshine Pilsner Recipe

    • Austin Beer Garden Simple Pils

    • Jack’s Abby Brewing’s Framinghammer Recipe

    • Fort Collins Brewery Maibock Recipe

  • 11

    Thank You!

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    • Thank You!

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