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This course includes more than 55 minutes of video.

Jeff Hardesty, cofounder of Narrow Gauge Brewing Company in Florissant, Missouri, is one of the country's great IPA tinkerers. Through experimentation he has explored various ways to pack flavor into new-wave IPAs using a variety of ingredients at his disposal, all the while keeping balance in mind. Here he shares how he goes about brewing his acclaimed "milkshake" and fruited sour IPAs.

Among other topics, the full video course covers:

  • What do we mean by "sour" and "milkshake" IPAs?
  • Developing recipes for these unusual beers
  • Acidification of sour IPAs
  • Whirlpool hopping
  • Adding fruit and other flavors
  • Purposeful blending of sour IPAs
  • And much more.

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Jeff Hardesty is the cofounder of St. Louis’ most popular brewer of progressive hazy styles. He is kind enough to share the techniques and philosophy behind their sought-after beers, and debunks some misperceptions in the process.

Jeff Hardesty

Founder & Brewer, Narrow Gauge

Course curriculum

  • 01


    Show Content
    • About Narrow Gauge

    • About This Course

    • What is a Milkshake / Sour IPA?

  • 02

    Brewing Milkshake IPAs

    Show Content
    • Milkshake IPA Recipe Development + Process

    • Recipe: Narrow Gauge's Base Milkshake IPA

    • Examining Milkshake IPAs

    • On the Creative Freedom of Milkshake IPAs

    • Using Lactose for Sweetness (Without the Cloy)

  • 03

    Brewing Sour IPAs

    Show Content
    • Sour IPA Recipe Development

    • Souring Process

    • Become a Kettle Sour Expert

    • Sour IPA Whirlpool

    • Adding Flavors to Your Sour IPA

    • Adding Hops to the Tank

    • Randy Mosher on Sour-Sweet-Bitter Fruity-Funky-Hazies

  • 04


    Show Content
    • Blending Sour IPAs

    • Podcast: Hudson Valley Brewing's Jason Synan and Mike Renganeschi: Acidity, Hops, and Botanicals

  • 05

    Thank You

    Show Content
    • Recipe: Narrow Gauge Brummel Sour IPA

    • Podcast: Narrow Gauge Brewing Co.‘s Jeff Hardesty: Exploring Individuality and Expression in Hazy and Sour IPAs

    • Wrap Up

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