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This course includes 98+ minutes of video

Austin’s Jester King is one of the most revered farmhouse breweries in North America, with its focus on using its terroir to produce highly drinkable saisons and other rustic ales. One of its best-known beers is Le Petit Prince, a table-strength saison packed with flavor despite being a quencher below 3 percent ABV. 

In this information-packed 98-minute video course, Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings goes into great detail on their approach to brewing delicious, characterful farmhouse ales firmly rooted in their place. He explains how they manage their mixed house yeast culture—and how to develop your own. Among other topics, he also discusses building character and balance into lower-strength saisons and table beers.


Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Their beer incorporates the natural surroundings and local agriculture, to make beer uniquely tied to a time, place and people. Jester King Co-Founder Jeffrey Stuffings was a local homebrewer who started working on Jester King in late 2007. He worked at Austin Homebrew Supply while developing the recipes and business plan for the brewery.

Jeffrey Stuffings

Cofounder, Jester King Brewery

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • The History + Principles Behind Jester King

    • Building the Texas Terroir

  • 02

    Mashing Farmhouse + Table Beers

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    • Building Your Grist

    • Evaluating Your Grains + Mashing

    • Mashing Temperature

    • Selecting Your Water

  • 03

    Hopping Your Farmhouse Beer

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    • Overview

  • 04

    Fermentation + Conditioning

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    • Selecting Your Yeast

    • Mixed Culture Fermentation

    • Adjunct Ingredients

    • Conditioning Your Beer

  • 05

    The Future of Farmhouse

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    • Experimentation

  • 06

    Further Reading, Listening, Recipes & More

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    • Recipe: Jester King Le Petit Prince

    • CB&B Podcast: Jester King's Jeffrey Stuffings on Creating a Deeper Sense of Authenticity

    • Pick Six with Jeff Stuffings: A Six-Pack of Beers with Expressive Personality

    • Randy Mosher on Saison: Decoding This Yeast-Driven Style

    • Yvan De Baets on Saison’s Greatest Myth: the Yeast

    • On Jester King & Its Coolship

    • Wild Yeast Wrangling for Homebrewers

    • Spontaneity: Prospecting for Your Own House Culture

    • Recipe: Drew Beechum’s Little Ghost Saison

    • Recipe: L’Esprit de Blaugies Spelt Saison

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