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This course includes 55+ minutes of video

In this video course, Phil Wymore shares the approach, ingredients, and methods behind the brewery's big stouts and other strong, high-gravity beers. Among other topics, Wymore covers: 

  • water and hops considerations
  • careful intentionality for big malt bills
  • building a base imperial stout recipe
  • choosing and employing various adjuncts
  • yeast and high-gravity fermentation challenges
  • filtering and carbonation

And much more, including recipes recipes for Fantastic Voyage and Take 10!


Phil Wymore spent time on the brew decks and in the cellars of Goose Island Beer Company and Half Acre Beer Company before opening Perennial Artisan Ales. The beers he made during those times, as well as those encountered during extensive beer travels, informed his brewing techniques and methodology when opening Perennial Artisan Ales in 2010.

Phil Wymore

Cofounder and Brewmaster, Perennial Artisan Ales

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • About Perennial Artisan Ales

    • Phil Wymore's Pick Six

  • 02

    The Building Blocks of Great Stouts

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    • Imperial Stout, According to the Oxford Companion to Beer

    • Water & Hops Overview

    • More on Hops for Big Beers

    • Building the Grist

    • Overview of Perennial's Base Stout

    • Yeast & Fermentation

    • Filtering + Carbonation

    • Brad Smith on High-Gravity Brewing

    • Defy Gravity: 3 Tips for Brewing High-Gravity Beers

    • Recipe: Perennial Fantastic Voyage

  • 03

    Adjuncts + Ingredients

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    • Adjunct Considerations

    • Neil Fisher of Weldwerks on Brewing Adjunct Stouts

    • Adjuncting Process

    • Neil Fisher on Brewing with Sugary Adjuncts

    • Sourcing Ingredients

    • Brewing with Coconut

    • Special Ingredient: Pretzels

  • 04

    Thank You

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    • Recipe: Perennial Take 10 Imperial Stout

    • Wrap Up

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